LAND is the world leader in the design and application of Non-contact Temperature Measurement for industry.

LAND’s current temperature product portfolio includes an extensive range of on-line and portable radiation thermometers and systems, infrared linescanners and on-line and portable thermal imagers.

As both innovators and manufacturers of high quality precision radiation thermometers and thermometer systems, LAND’s position is unrivalled with over 55 years experience in temperature measurement.

LAND products are used extensively in applications as diverse as steel, glass, electronics, mineral processing, power generation, utility and aircraft gas turbines, and a wide range of other industries.

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Application Solutions

Process Imagers, infrared thermometers and thermometer systems designed to solve specific temperature measurement problems across a range of industries and applications. We also design bespoke solutions to many measurement problems..

Calibration Source

Blackbody temperature calibration sources for maintaining measurement accuracy throughout the thermometer’s lifetime.

Fixed Spot Thermometers

Fixed spot, thermometer systems and stand-alone thermometers, for continuous on-line temperature measurement and control within the range 0 to 2600 °C / 32 to 4700 °F.

Portable Infrared Thermometers

A family of high accuracy hand held portable thermometers to measure within the range 200 to 3000°C / 392 to 5432°F. Two models in the range, the 055 Meltmaster and 390 Furnace Pro provide measurements in liquid metal streams and furnaces respectively.

Process Imaging

Our thermal process imaging products are suitable for a wide range of applications, including fast-moving, continuous processes – to provide vital quality and process control information.